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5.11 Visitors/Children in the Workplace

Origination date: 06/01/2018  

Applicability: All employees 


To provide appropriate limitations for employees bringing children or other personal visitors to the workplace that protect safety and maintain work productivity. 


In general, employees should not bring children or visitors into the workplace, other than on an occasional, brief and unobtrusive basis.  Requests to bring children or visitors into the workplace are subject to supervisor approval. In all cases, care should be taken so as not to disrupt business operations or jeopardize confidentiality and the visitor/child must be supervised by the employee at all times. Some work settings are unsafe for minor children or other visitors, and therefore such visitations are not permitted. The employee accepts full responsibility for the child’s safety and for any damage to property or injury caused by the child’s or visitor’s presence. 

Please also see Supervision of Non-Student Minors in NAU’s Policy Library