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5.05 Alcohol/Drug Policy

Origination date: 10/1/93
Revised: 1/1/2000
Applicability: Academic Professionals, Administrators, Classified Staff, Faculty, Service Professionals


The purpose of this policy is to ensure that no employee under any circumstances comes to work under the influence of drugs/alcohol and to ensure all employees abide by the laws pertaining to alcohol and drug use while at work. No person may consume or be under the influence of alcohol while attending classes, at any official meetings, or while fulfilling employment responsibilities. Employees must conduct themselves in a responsible and professional manner at all times.

Alcohol/Drug Policy

Any violation of the drug/alcohol policy can result in disciplinary action up to and including termination.

Northern Arizona University requires that university employees report to work in a condition to perform their duties safely and efficiently in the interest of their co-workers and students, as well as themselves. It is also the expectation of the university that students attend class and other educational activities in a condition in which they can perform their educational tasks and participate effectively with other members of the university community. For these reasons, the use of illegal drugs and alcohol is prohibited during work hours at the university workplace, while occupying university vehicles, while on university business, during class time, on field trips and during other educational activities, except where permitted by the Arizona Board of Regents (ABOR) and/or the President or designee.

All state, federal, and local laws, and campus regulations pertaining to alcohol and other drugs apply to all members of the university community including students, employees, organizations/groups, and guests. Violators will be subject to disciplinary action and subject to prosecution under the laws of the State of Arizona, as well as ABOR and university policy. These laws and regulations include, but are not limited to, the following:

Alcohol Policy

Alcoholic beverages may not be sold or consumed on property owned or controlled by the Arizona University System except where permitted by the ABOR and the president of the respective institution or designee in compliance with applicable laws.

On-campus possession or consumption of alcoholic beverages by those of legal age (the State of Arizona has established twenty-one as the legal age for consumption of alcohol) will be allowed only in designated areas.

Students and any university employee or guest in the Residence Halls will be responsible for the regulations found in the Student Handbook.

No person shall sell or give away any alcoholic beverages to anyone under the age of twenty-one or to an intoxicated person.

University employees conducting and participating in meetings or gatherings on or off campus in which alcohol is served are strongly advised to seek consultation with appropriate personnel prior to such events due to liability and risk related concerns. It is not the intent of this policy to ban or prohibit the consumption of alcohol at such events; however, it is imperative such events are conducted in a responsible manner.

The sale of alcohol at any student, university employee, or campus organization/group event must adhere to local, state, federal, and campus regulations. This may include obtaining an appropriate liquor license.

No person may consume or be under the influence of alcohol while attending classes, at any official meetings, or while fulfilling employment responsibilities. Employees must conduct themselves in a responsible and professional manner at all times.

Any university employee or student who maintains university responsibilities that require a valid driver's license must report to his/her immediate and departmental supervisor if and when his/her driver's license has been invalidated or surrendered. This reporting procedure must be followed when violations of Arizona State Statutes occur including, but not limited to, alcohol related violations. Refer to Policy 5.06 Commercial Driver’s License Drug/Alcohol Testing.

Supervisors who have a reasonable suspicion that an employee is under the influence of alcohol or drugs may require the employee to take a drug or alcohol test through NAUPD. Refusal to take this test or failure to pass the test may result in an immediate administrative leave and/or disciplinary action, up to and including termination.

Drug Policy

The possession, use, sale, manufacture, transfer or cultivation of any types of controlled substances (to include, but not limited to, barbiturates, opiates, marijuana, amphetamines, or hallucinogens) or aiding in the use of such, violates the laws of the State of Arizona.

The use of illegal drugs or the misuse of prescription medication or over the counter drugs is dangerous and unacceptable behavior in the university community and is prohibited.

Use or possession of any controlled substance or illegal drug or paraphernalia for illegal drug use, and the unauthorized distribution or possession for the purpose of distribution of any controlled substance or illegal drug is prohibited.

University employees must report to the Chief Human Resources Officer any criminal drug statute conviction for a violation occurring in the workplace no later than five working days after such conviction.

Alcohol/Drug Commercial Driver's License Testing refer to Policy 5.06 Commercial Driver's License Drug/Alcohol Testing.

Reporting Violations of the Alcohol/Drug Policy

Complaints made by university employees and/or guests about a university employee should be reported to the employee's immediate supervisor (i.e., supervisor, department head), and then the supervisor will contact the Human Resources Department.