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5.02 Performance Appraisal

Origination date: 10/1/93
Revised: 2/1/2006, 11/12/2009
Applicability: Classified Staff and Service Professionals


The purpose of this policy is to ensure that performance appraisals are provided to employees in a consistent, timely and effective manner. Performance appraisals are conducted to evaluate, communicate and document an employee’s performance on the job. In addition the performance appraisal should be used to clarify performance expectations and measures and set clear goals for employees. It should serve as an ongoing tool for both supervisor and employee.

Appraisal Schedule

The performance of each regular classified staff and service professional employee will be appraised at least once a year following the appraisal cycle, format, and due dates established by the Human Resources Department. The Human Resources Department staff may notify the appropriate administrative levels of delinquent performance appraisals. An employee may be evaluated more frequently at the supervisor’s discretion, or at the employee’s request.

Anytime an employee’s performance changes significantly, a new performance appraisal form should be completed and submitted to the Human Resources Department.

Classified Staff Performance Appraisals

Probationary Performance Appraisals

All newly hired classified staff employees will receive a probationary performance appraisal due within 30 calendar days prior to completing six months of continuous service. After the probationary period and probationary appraisal are completed, all classified staff will receive an annual appraisal according to the appraisal cycle and due dates established by the Human Resources Department. A probationary employee will serve a minimum six month probationary period. Requests for extension of up to three months on the probationary period must be made in writing to the Human Resources Department prior to the end of the six month probationary period. The total probationary period cannot exceed nine months. If a supervisor permits the employee to work beyond the six-month probationary period without a formal appraisal to the Human Resources Department that employee may request an appraisal but shall not be moved to regular status automatically. Employees transferring between departments or positions without a break in service shall not serve a second probationary period.

Review Process

Classified staff performance appraisals are not subject to the procedure outlined in Policy 5.21 Grievance Procedure. However, the employee may request that the performance appraisal be reviewed by the evaluating supervisor following the Right of Review Policy described below.

Service Professional Performance Appraisals

Service professional employees are evaluated on an annual basis with respect to all personnel matters with regard to excellence in carrying out their duties and responsibilities.

The performance evaluation may include both peer review, where appropriate, and an assessment by the immediate administrative head or supervisor. Each performance evaluation shall contain, at a minimum, consideration of the employee’s

The evaluation will be discussed with the service professional, who shall subsequently receive a written copy of the performance appraisal. The employee shall be provided an opportunity to add comments to the statement or plan as part of the official record.

A professional staff member who disagrees with the evaluation may request that his/her performance evaluation be reviewed at the next administrative level. Such request for review must be made in writing to the administrative head of the next level within 15 days after the employee receives the written evaluation and must state: the points of disagreement; specific findings to be reviewed; facts in support of the request; and corrective action sought. The administrator conducting the review shall consider the information in support of the request and identify and additional relevant facts. The review shall be completed within 15 days of receipt of the request. The reviewer’s written decision will be provided to the employee and the supervisor involved in the initial evaluation within 15 days.

A copy of the document is given to the employee. The original document is forwarded to the Human Resources Department for inclusion in the employee’s official personnel file. A copy of the document should also be forwarded to the evaluator’s supervisor.