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4.10 Absence Without Pay

Origination date: 10/01/93

Revised: 01/01/2000, 04/01/2018

Applicability: Academic Professionals, Administrators, Classified Staff, Faculty, and Service Professionals


The university recognizes employees may have to take time off work for personal reasons or illness but may not have sufficient accumulated vacation or sick time.  This policy allows employees to request time off without pay for short periods without jeopardizing their benefits.


A regular employee whose accrued vacation and sick time balances are depleted, may request absence from work without pay.


The responsible supervisor may approve an employee's request to be granted absence without pay to the extent that the workload, department requirements, and other circumstances permit. Requests for absence without pay must be made in advance.

Absence without pay, whether continuous, reduced schedule, or intermittent, shall not be approved for more than five work days unless the employee has been authorized for an official leave of absence or as the result of a reasonable accommodation request through the Disability Resources Office. 

Reports and Records

Department Supervisors are responsible for ensuring that absence without pay is requested, approved and recorded accurately and timely by their employees in the university record of absence system. All records of absence must be recorded not later than the pay period in which the time was used except for emergencies and in that case, recorded by the next pay period.