New Mobile Phone Policy

Northern Arizona University now has a detailed mobile phone policy that provides several options for employees whose departments have identified them as needing a mobile phone for NAU business use.  The policy authorizes departments to use purchasing cards to pay for mobile phone plans that are available on state contracts.  Additionally, the policy provides that:

  1. An employee may use an NAU mobile phone for personal use in a ‘de minimus’ manner without reimbursing NAU for the use.  ‘De minimus usage is defined as no more than 20 minutes per month, but with specific requirements for roaming charges or situations where monthly plan limits are exceeded.

  2. An employee may have a second line for personal use added to their NAU mobile phone and be billed directly for the personal line.

  3. An employee may receive an allowance through payroll for the use of a personal mobile phone for NAU business use.  A schedule of proposed allowance amounts is available at .

  4. An employee may pay one-half the monthly cost of an NAU mobile phone through a payroll deduction, and be authorized to use the NAU phone for personal use.

The above listing is a summary of the policy, and it is critical the entire policy be read thoroughly prior to use of the provisions.  The policy was effective May 1, 2005 and is available at


Employees and supervisors who use NAU mobile phones are required to document their option and their understanding of the policy using the NAU Business Use of Mobile Phone Agreement.  This form is found at


When option 4 (above) is used, the employee will have an after-tax payroll deduction.  The employee’s departmental accounting/budget staff will use the Mobile Phone Transfer form to transfer the deducted funds on a quarterly basis to their account in order to offset the mobile phone expense incurred by the department. 


When option 3 (above) is used, the employee will have a taxable allowance added to their paycheck.  The employee’s supervisor will initiate a Personnel Action Request (PAR) to authorize payment of the allowance.  The PAR will be completed and authorized in the same manner as a PAR for a temporary employee.  The employee’s regular position number should not be used on the PAR.  The department will request a ‘mobile phone allowance’ position number from the Budget Office, and use that position number on the PAR.


If you have questions about the new policy, check the Frequently Asked Questions at  If your question is not addressed there, please send it to, with a subject line “Mobile Phone Policy Question”.