1.08 Recruiting and Hiring

Origination date: 10/1/93
Revised: 1/1/2000
Applicability: Classified Staff, Service Professionals


The purpose of this policy is to communicate policy issues regarding the recruitment and hiring of Northern Arizona University employees. It is the intent of Northern Arizona University to provide a safe, secure and positive environment for all students and employees. It is also the intent of the university to use due diligence in all hiring decisions.

Commitment to AA/EEO:

All recruitment and employment activities are conducted in accordance with applicable state and federal laws, regulations, and policies concerning equal employment opportunity and affirmative action.

Age Limitations

Employment is normally limited to persons of at least 18 years of age. An individual 16 to 18 years of age may be employed in an occupation not prohibited by state or federal law, if such employment will not interfere with the continuation of his/her education. The employment of any individual younger than 18 years of age in a staff classification requires the approval of the Chief Human Resources Officer.

Opportunities for Internal Candidates

The university seeks to provide opportunities for all employees to be considered for promotion and/or advancement. The university believes in and is committed to a policy of upward mobility for its interested employees through promotion and transfer opportunities. Therefore, no department head shall obstruct the advancement of an employee to a better position for which the employee is qualified or to a lateral position that may lead to a promotional opportunity.

Job References

Supervisors may provide a requesting employer information concerning a current or former employee’s reason for termination, job performance, professional conduct and evaluation to be used for the purpose of evaluating the employee for employment. Any information provided on current or former employees shall be job-related, truthful, factual and demonstrable from the records of the employee. A copy of any written communication provided to a prospective employer other than another Northern Arizona University department must be sent to the employee’s, or former employee’s, last known address. Arizona law provides that supervisors who are authorized to respond to references about current or former employees are immune from civil liability in connection with providing information to a prospective employer unless all of the following are found to exist:

  • The information is false, and
  • The information tends to bring the staff member into disrepute, contempt, or ridicule, and
  •  information is acted on to the harm of the staff member by the prospective employer, and
  • The supervisor knows the information is false or acts with reckless disregard of its truth or falsity.

Any questions regarding the legality or appropriateness of information shared for the purpose of providing a job reference should be directed to the Human Resources Department.


For classified staff and service professional positions, an applicant is defined as someone who has completed a Northern Arizona University employment application and has submitted it in a timely manner in response to an open job posting.

Employment Eligibility

It is the university's responsibility to ensure that the identity and the employment eligibility of all persons employed by the university have been reviewed and that they are eligible for employment. Hiring departments shall be responsible for compliance with the documentation and verification requirements of this policy. A probationary employee is only eligible for promotion or transfer if the employee's current department head makes a specific exception by signing the employee's job application.

Loyalty Oath

All employees (excluding aliens or those employees with a religious conflict) are required by Arizona Law, A.R.S. 38-231, to affirm allegiance to the United States and the State of Arizona by signing a loyalty oath prior to commencing employment with the university. The Payroll Department will make these forms available on the first day of employment.

Recruiting Scope

Three recruiting scopes are available for classified staff and two for service professionals. The number of days required for each posting type is intended to provide a reasonable period of time for applicants to become aware of and respond to an open position. Exceptions to the minimum recruitment periods must be approved by the Human Resources Department. Only regular Northern Arizona University employees are eligible to apply for a department only or Northern Arizona University posting. Temporary employees, student workers and other non-regular employees are not eligible to apply for a department or Northern Arizona University posting.

  • Department posting: Not available for service professional recruitment. Minimum posting of 3 calendar days.
  • Northern Arizona University posting: Available for both classified staff and service professional recruitment. Minimum posting of 7 days for staff and 14 days for service professional.
  • Open posting: Available for both staff and service professional recruitment. An open posting is available for all potential applicants within and outside Northern Arizona University. There is a minimum posting of 14 days for classified staff and 30 days for service professional. 


A department head may also choose to fill certain vacancies with a trainee. A trainee may be hired at a rate of pay below the minimum rate of pay for that position for up to 12 months while the employee is in training. A department head interested in filling a position with a trainee should inform the Human Resources Department prior to completing the Personnel Requisition so this may be considered in recruiting efforts. However, this decision may also be made after the applicant pool has been reviewed.